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Automatically delete messages

Set text messages to delete after 30 days

On most devices, you can set your phone to automatically delete messages after a certain amount of time or when storage begins to fill up. This helps ensure that you don't leave sensitive information in your messages for long periods of time.

1. Open Your Settings

You can access this by tapping the menu button on the bottom left of your device.

2. Select “Messages”

This is typically located a few sections down and requires some scrolling to get to. You should expect to see it in the same section as “Phone”, “FaceTime”, and “Safari”.

3. Select “Screen Lock” Option Under “Screen Security”

By default, this option is set to “Slide”, which means no PIN, unlock pattern, or password is needed to unlock the device.

4. Select a “Keep Messages” Under “Message History”

This will also show what your phone is currently set to. Options for deleting messages will be “30 days”, “1 year”, or “forever.”

4.Select “30 days”

This will automatically delete all text messages or iMessages you send and receive after 30 days. These messages include any messages that you send to and receive from your contacts, not just your healthcare provider.