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Set a passcode

Require an code or pattern to unlock your phone

A passcode is a 4-digit number that your phone requires to unlock it. Once you set a passcode, you’ll enter it when you unlock your screen, turn on or restart your phone, and to perform software updates.

By having a passcode, you ensure that only you and anyone you give your passcode to will be able to unlock your phone and access your messages with your healthcare provider.

1. Open your Settings

The icon for your Settings is the gear. By default, the icon is location of the far left, or first, screen on your phone.

2. Select "Touch ID & Passcode"

If your device doesn't support Touch ID, the option will just read "Passcode." This option is located near the top of the screen.

3. Tap "Turn Passcode On"

If you've already set a passcode, the option will read "Change Passcode."

4. Enter a six-digit passcode

You can also tap "Passcode Options" to switch to a four-digit code, custom numeric code, or custom alphanumeric code.

5. Enter your new passcode to confirm and activate it

Once you've confirmed your passcode, you're all set. It will be activated and you'll be prompted to enter it before unlocking your phone. Your phone is now secure.